Welcome to our unique quotation service, a hassle-free way to resell your children's clothes!

We exist to make clearing out your children's wardrobes as easy as possible. We buy unwanted or outgrown clothes from you in bulk, so you don't have to deal with the faff of selling them individually on a marketplace.

Using our online form at the bottom of this page you can generate a instant estimated quote for the clothes you are looking to sell (this is the price we are likely to pay you for the clothes). You just need to create a quick account first and the form will appear. If you've not sold to us before using the quote form is recommended so that you get a feel for our prices, but it is not essential to book a selling slot.

To sell your children's clothes to us, you need to book a selling slot by emailing hello@worninwardrobe.com with details of the size, gender style and number of clothes you are looking to sell to us.

Please only send us items that meet our brand and condition acceptance criteria - for more information on what we accept and do not accept please read our Seller’s Guide. Our selling slot availability is based on our stock levels of each size/gender style (see table below).

We love to buy your popular highstreet and high-end brands, as well as eco-friendly and sustainable brands. Think Frugi, Jojo, Joules, Zara, Maxomorra, Duns, Gap, Hatley, Bonds, Kite, Little Bird, John Lewis, M&S etc

As of the 1st November 2022 we will no longer be accepting supermarket and economy brands except at our discretion with prior arrangement. Please click on the link for examples of these brands.


Selling Slot Availability 

Please note that due to extremely high demand we are now fully booked until March. Please see the table below for what we sizes and gender style we are currently accepting. 

(Green = accepting, Pink = not accepting).

Table of sizes we are currently accepting

Key points

  • All sellers must book in with us prior to sending or dropping off clothes, regardless of whether you fill out an estimated quote online.
  • We can only pay you for items that meet our acceptance criteria so please do not send us clothes that do not meet our T&Cs.

First step

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