Selling to us

You need to book a selling slot by emailing Please include the sizes, gender-style and number of clothes you are looking to sell in your email if you have not already used the online form to get an estimated quote. All clothes must meet our acceptance criteria regardless of whether you have used the form or not. Full details are found in our Seller's Guide.

When you request a selling slot you will be given an allocated week for your items to arrive with us (either by courier or local drop-off). Please ensure the clothes are with us in a timely fashion so there are no delays in getting you your final quote.

We accept children’s clothing in excellent condition from newborn up to 12 years of age. We do however periodically close selling slots for certain sizes depending on our stock levels. We only accept highstreet and high-end brands that are commonly sold in the UK. For full details of what we accept and do not accept please read our Seller’s Guide.

Once you have booked a slot to sell to us, you can use your choice of courier to send the items to our workspace. Our address is 6 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4JE.

Please note we do not cover postage costs, so we recommend you wait until you have enough clothes to send in one go to make postage costs worth it. You must retain proof of postage until email confirmation from us is sent that we have received your items.

If you are local to Edinburgh you are welcome to drop off your clothes in person at our workspace. Please get in touch to arrange a time.

We recommend using the Royal Mail, but for parcels over 2kg it can be more cost-effective to use a courier. You can compare prices online and we recommend using Parcel2Go.

Please retain proof of postage from your chosen courier until email confirmation from us is sent that we have received your items. 

Items we receive are checked individually against our acceptance criteria, and your description if you have submitted an estimated quote in advance. We do not accept any items that are damaged (e.g. holes, broken or missing fastenings, large stains), counterfeit, hand-made or mended, items with no brand/size/washing instruction labels and items with unpleasant odours.

The full list of what we do and do not accept is found in our Seller’s Guide.

You will receive email confirmation when we have received your items. You must include your name, contact details and quote reference/appointment reference in and preferably on your parcel as well. Please ensure you retain proof of postage until you have received confirmation your items have arrived.

We aim to quality check your items as soon as possible after we receive them, if there are any undue delays we will contact you.

During the quality-checking process we exclude items from our final offer if they do not meet our acceptance criteria. You can choose to have these items donated to charity on your behalf, or have them returned to you (this is at your own cost).

You can choose one of the following methods to receive payment:
- Worn In Wardrobe gift card (you will receive an extra 10% on top of your final offer).
- Paypal.
- Bank transfer.

If you do not want to accept your final offer, we will donate your items to charity or return the items to you (at your own cost) as per your chosen preference. If you change your mind and want the items returned to you after previously stating you'd like them to be donated, we are not responsible for your loss if the items have already been donated to charity.

If you do not respond to the final offer we send you, we will contact you again after a week with a reminder. If we do not receive any decision from you after 2 months, we will take possession of the items and it is at our discretion whether they are donated to charity or sold.

Buying from Us

Items we receive are quality-checked individually against our acceptance criteria. We do not accept any items that are damaged (e.g. holes, broken or missing fastenings, large stains), counterfeit, hand-made or mended, items with no brand/size/washing instruction labels, items with unpleasant odours.

Every item we sell is assigned to one of our five condition categories:

Brand New With Tags (BNWT)

Brand New Without Tags (BNWOT)

Excellent Used Condition (EUC)

Good Used Condition (GUC)

Playwear (PW)

The condition of each item is visible in its title so you can instantly see what you are looking at. For full definitions of our condition categories please see our Buyer's Guide.

We believe the most sustainable way to live is to extend the useful life of items that already exist. This applies to plastic bags as well as clothes! So to reduce plastic waste we reuse as much packaging as possible. Your order may arrive in not-so-pretty mailing bags or boxes we have reused, but we always ensure they will get your clothes to you safely. We also remove clothes from their individual garment storage bags before sending your order so we can reuse them too.

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and our Worn In Wardrobe gift cards.

From time to time we offer our community promotional codes. You can use these codes at the checkout stage. If you're having problems applying the code it's best to double check the terms of the promotional code and that they work with the items in your cart.

You can only use one code per order. If you have multiple codes we suggest you use the best one available.

If you want to amend or cancel your order, you should contact us at with your order number as soon as possible. Depending on where your order is in the fulfilment process, we cannot guarantee we will be able to amend or cancel it.

Please check your spam and junk folder. If you have an account with us, you may find details of your order here. If you do not find your order confirmation, please contact us at

Please refer to your tracking number on your order confirmation for parcel tracking.

Every item we sell goes through a thorough quality check and we make every effort to describe items correctly and fully, highlighting any signs of wear and use. By using our website you accept that the items you receive are second-hand. We accept however that sometimes mistakes are made and flaws missed.

If you find any item is not as described, please contact us immediately at on receipt of your parcel to inform us of the issue. We will aim to rectify the problem as soon as possible and provide a refund if necessary.

Please get in touch as soon as possible at We’ll aim to sort the problem out as soon as possible.

Yes, please look at our Returns Policy for more details.

General FAQs

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