Our Pledge For Charity

With Worn In Wardrobe, I want to help fashion and shopping habits change for good. This means making quality and sustainably-made clothes affordable, to reduce the impact of fashion on our planet, and to improve the lives and working conditions of those who work in the garment industry.

I believe that by making resale easier and extending the lifetime of clothes that already exist, all three of these aims can be achieved. The more consumers engage with second-hand, the less demand there will be for new clothing (and the carbon footprint making new fabric entails). Shopping preloved also brings the price point of quality clothes down and makes sustainable brands more accessible. If consumers are reassured that they will be able to resell their clothes for a reliable price, when they do shop new they are likely to choose to purchase better made and longer-lasting items. I hope in turn, pressure will build on clothing brands to make better made and longer-lasting items.

Change will happen. But the better choice needs to be the easier choice.

At Worn In Wardrobe we also believe in giving back. We pledge to donate 10% of any profit we make to charities that support garment workers worldwide, and tree-planting initiatives. You can also round up and donate to charity at check-out - we are currently supporting Fashion Makes Change which you can read more about below. 


Fashion Makes Change.

Clean Clothes Campaign

One Tree Planted | Tree Planting Non-Profit: One Dollar, One Tree