Seller's Guide


The full T&Cs of selling to us are below, this is a quick summary of the key points.
Each item of clothing you send us must meet our size, type, brand and condition acceptance criteria. Items must be freshly washed (unless never worn) and folded neatly - clothes that do not smell fresh or are crumpled will not be accepted.
Size must be between tiny baby and 12 years.
Brands must be commonly bought and sold in the UK. We assign brands into 3 groups:
  • Economy - supermarket and discount brands such as Primark etc
  • Highstreet - brands like H&M, GAP, Next, M&S, John Lewis etc
  • High-end - brands like Jojo Maman Bebe, Zara, Boden, Joules etc
Condition of items must be as follows (scroll right to see full table):



Item Types

Brand New With Tags

All UK brands

All types
0-12 Years

Brand New Without Tags

High-end and highstreet brands only

All types
0-12 Years

Excellent Used Condition

High-end and highstreet brands only

Not underwear. Babywear must be immaculate.
0-12 Years

Good Used Condition

High-end and some highstreet brands only

Not underwear, babywear, swimwear, nightwear, footwear or accessories.
1-12 Years Only


High-end brands only

Not underwear, babywear, swimwear, nightwear, footwear or accessories.
2-12 Years Only

What we mean by
  • Underwear: pants, briefs, vests, socks, tights.
  • Babywear: All baby vests, babygrows and sleepsuits, rompersuits, baby hats, scratch mittens, bibs and muslins. 
  • Swimwear: swimsuits and trunks, swim nappies wraps and wetsuits.
  • Nightwear: sleeping bags, dressing gowns, pyjamas.
  • Footwear: shoes, boots, trainers, pumps, slippers, clogs, beach shoes, wellies, pram shoes, cruiser shoes.
  • Accessories: all hats, gloves and mittens, scarfs, headbands, sunglasses, backpacks.
    We do not accept items that
    • are damaged or worn out
    • have household odour/smoke (all items must smell clean and preferably of fresh laundry detergent)
    • have any trace of pet hair
    • have labels cut out or removed, or do not have correct labelling.
    • are suspected of being counterfeit, or designer items without proof of authenticity.
    • are handmade or hand-mended
    • are Scottish baby box items
    • are school uniform wear
    • are related to a specific year or name



      The following explains how our selling service works in detail. We hope you find our selling service makes clearing out your children's wardrobes a quick and easy task, so you can get on with the things that are important to you. When you send in clothes or drop them off in person at our office, you are entering a binding agreement to adhere to the terms and conditions set out here.

      As well as our Seller’s Guide, please see our general Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, our Buyer’s Guide (Terms of Sale) and our Returns Policy. 


    • The seven steps of selling to us
    • How we define condition
    • How we define brands
    • Items we accept
    • Items we do not accept
    • How to get a quote for your clothes
    • The online quotation form
    • Luxury and designer items
    • How our pricing works
    • Your final offer
    • Discretion to close your selling account/retract quote offers
    • Why we provide an estimated quote service
    • Deductions
    • If we do not accept your item(s)
    • Payment options
    • Responsibilities & liability

    • Please read this seller’s guide in full before submitting a quote or booking a selling appointment. It contains all the information you need to set up an account, fill in the quote form accurately, and send items to us.



        Our rule of thumb is that we ask that you only sell items to us you would be happy to purchase online yourself. The clothes you send us should be freshly washed, ironed and folded if previously worn. Brand new items or unworn items should not be crumpled. We do not accept any items that have residual household odours including smoke.

        How it works:

        1. Read our Seller’s Guide & Terms of Selling in full.
          This is important so that you are aware of how to complete the quotation form, the items, brands and conditions we accept and do not accept, and the deductions that could apply.
        2. Create an account.
          This allows you to submit quotes and communicate with us about your quote. 
        3. Get an online estimated quote for your clothes. This is an optional step so that you can see what we are likely to be able to pay you for the clothes you send to us. To get an estimate the online form requires minimum of 15 items. 
        4. Book an appointment to sell to us.
          If you want to use our selling service please email us at to make an appointment. If you have not completed an online estimated quote please include what sizes you want to send in your email. Availability of appointments is subject to demand.
        5. Send us your clothes. 
          Please note we do not pay postage, please see below for more detail and recommendations. If you are local you can drop-off your clothes at our workspace. We will email you instructions on how to package your items for a safe journey. You must retain your proof of postage receipt until you get confirmation from us that we have received your parcel.
        6. Receive your final offer once we have quality checked your clothes.
          We aim to quality-check all items and send out your final quote within 3 working days of receipt of your items.
        7. Accept the final offer and receive money via your chosen payment method. We aim to make payments to you the same day or next working day. Delays caused by payment providers are out with our control. If you choose not to accept the final quote we will donate or return your items as per your wishes (return is at your own cost). 



        We divide item condition into 5 categories:

        • Brand new with tags (BNWT) – Never worn, never washed. Tags still attached or in its original packaging. No damage, broken fastenings, loose stitching, marks, holes, tears, wash-wear, fading, stains or bobbling (piling). Shoes must also be never worn.
        • Brand new without tags (BNWOT) – As new and never worn or washed. Tags removed or no original packaging. No damage, broken fastenings, loose stitching, marks, holes, tears, wash-wear, fading, stains or bobbling (piling). Shoes must also be never worn. 
        • Excellent used condition (EUC) – Lightly worn and washed. No damage, broken fastenings, loose stitching, marks, holes, tears, wash-wear, fading, stains or bobbling (piling). For shoes this means no wear to the soles, no marks or scuffs.
        • Good used condition (GUC) – Worn and washed. No damage, broken fastenings, loose stitching, marks, holes or tears. May have minor wash-wear, fading or bobbling (piling). Shoes may have minor wear to the soles, but no marks or scuffs. 
        • Playwear – Worn and washed. No damage, broken fastenings, loose stitching, holes or tears. May have noticeable wash-wear, fading, bobbling (piling) or writing on the label. Minor stains only. Shoes may have wear to the soles, minor marks of scuffs. Items with major stains are not accepted.


        We assign each brand into one of 3 categories. An understanding of this is important when it comes to knowing what we accept and do not accept. Below are examples of each category - these lists are not exhaustive and meant to give you a rough idea. 

        • Economy - Supermarket and discount brands. See here for more examples. We are unlikely to accept these items unless they are new.
        • Highstreet - includes brands like H&M, GAP, M&S, John Lewis.
        • High-end - includes brands like Jojo Maman Bebe, Zara, Boden, Joules.


        The types of items we accept is subject to change as we expand and refine our service and offering. As a rule of thumb, the less high-end the brand the better condition the item needs to be. Please note that depending on the size, type and brand of an item, we only accept certain levels of condition. 

        Some common rules you will encounter:

        • Economy brands are only accepted at our discretion and with prior arrangement, and must be BNWT condition.
        • Highstreet items are only accepted in EUC or better.
        • High-end and some highstreet brands are accepted in GUC or better.
        • Items in sizes under 12 months must be in EUC or better. 
        • Playwear items are only accepted in sizes 2 years plus.
        • Underwear and babywear items must be in BNWOT or better.
        • Swimwear, nightwear, footwear and accessories must be in EUC or better.


        Clothing sizes from tiny baby to 12 years area accepted. We recognise that the size of some items will not match exactly with the options on the quotation form e.g. 0-1 month, 6-12 months, preemie/tiny baby. In this case please select the nearest size option. It will not affect your estimated quote.

        As well as clothing sizes, we accept children’s shoe sizes from C2-C13.5. 

        For bibs, muslins, scratch mittens, blankets and backpacks please select 'one size' on the quote form. 


        We currently accept brands that are commonly bought and sold in the UK, or that UK customers are likely to be familiar with. It is unlikely we will accept less well-known foreign brands, but this will be on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure whether we will accept an item please contact us at before filling in the quotation form. 


          Item type

          The following are examples of items we currently accept. We hope it also goes without saying that items that normally come as pairs (e.g. socks, shoes, gloves) need to be sold to us in pairs!

          • Baby hats, muslins, cloth bibs, scratch mittens, blankets, babygrows/onesies/sleepsuits, rompers, bodysuits/vests.
          • Shoes, trainers, crocs/beach shoes/clogs, sandals, wellies, boots, pre-walking shoes, slippers.
          • Adaptive clothing.
          • Outerwear such as bodywarmers/gilets, coats/jackets/raincoats/anoraks.
          • Fancy dress outfits.
          • Pyjamas, dressing gowns, baby sleeping bags.
          • Leggings, trousers, bottoms, joggers, chinos, jeans and jeggings. 
          • Dungarees, dresses, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits and playsuits, outfit sets.
          • Gloves, scarfs, sunglasses, caps & baseball caps, sunhats, beanies/woolly hats/winter hats. 
          • Jumpers, cardigans, sweaters, tracksuit tops, hoodies.
          • Knitwear.
          • T-shirts and polo shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, blouses, shirts.
          • Puddlesuits, splashsuits, snowsuits and pramsuits. 
          • Socks, sock-ons, tights, pants, briefs, knickers, boxers, vests. 
          • Swimwear including happy nappies/swim nappies, swimming wraps, baby wetsuits, swimming hats, swimsuits/trunks, sunsuits and rash vests. 
          • Sportswear.
          • Backpacks and rucksacks. 

          If you choose to fill out the quotation form the options available to you in subsequent fields will change depending on the options you have already chosen, to help guide you through what we do and do not accept. 



            Please see below the types of items we do not accept. We hope our reasoning is clear, most of it is common-sense in that buyers will simply not want to buy items that cannot be guaranteed, or that are broken or tainted. At this time we are only accepting clothes in sizes from tiny baby to 12 years. We hope to expand our offering as soon as possible. 

            We do not accept:

            • Damaged items – rips, holes, tears, broken fastenings (zips, buttons etc), unravelling seams or stitching, warped elastic and peeling designs. Items must be fit for purpose. Sometimes clothes do reach the end of their functional life and we do not have the capacity at present to repair items ourselves. 
            • Items tainted with unpleasant household odours/smoke – We reserve the right to reject your entire parcel of clothing if there is any unacceptable odour detected by our team whilst carrying out our quality check. This is not only because these items are unlikely to be acceptable to buyers, but there is a risk of contamination to the rest of our stock.
            • Pet hair – all items must be freshly washed and ironed as per our sellers’ instructions. We accept that occasionally during the packaging process the odd stray pet hair may accidentally become attached to items, however it is at our discretion whether we accept your clothes due to risk of allergy and contamination.
            • Counterfeit items – We reserve the right to determine if we think an item is a counterfeit and we will exclude these items from any quote. If you repeatedly send us counterfeit items you will no longer be able to sell to us. 
            • Handmade items such as knitted hats, knitted jumpers. Whilst we would love to find new homes for these items, we cannot sell them as we cannot guarantee the quality of production. We recommend these items are donated to charity. 
            • Hand-mended items or those that have been repaired at home i.e. not by a professional seamstress or tailor. This is because we cannot guarantee the quality of repair to our buyers. We reserve the right to exclude any item if there is a noticeable repair that is deemed unsatisfactory. We will accept some items that have had buttons sewn back on by hand.
            • Scottish baby box items – we cannot in good faith sell these items for profit, so we recommend they be donated to charity.
            • Non-labelled items – We do not accept any items where labels have been cut out or removed. Every item should have a clearly identifiable and legible brand, size and washing instruction label. We cannot accept items where the labels have faded to the point they are no longer legible. We will accept items where labels have been written on (e.g. with a child’s name), however all the information on the label must still be legible, and these items will be deemed to be playwear. 
            • School wear – We do not accept school uniforms or school clothes at this time. 
            • Items embellished with a specific year or name.

            The clothing you send us must meet all the criteria above to be accepted. All pre-worn clothes must be washed, ironed and folded neatly before being sent to us.



            There are 2 ways of getting a quote.

            1. Online Quote Form - Clothing details are entered via the online quote form as previously. This gives you an estimate in advance of what we could pay for your clothes.
            2. Bespoke Processing Service - Clothing details will be entered into quotes on your behalf on receipt of your items. Sellers must book an appointment to request this service by emailing Please include the sizes you are wishing to sell. 

            Please note we do not cover postage, therefore we recommend you wait until you have enough clothes to send in one go to make the cost of postage worth it. 


            You can get an estimated quote for your clothes using our online form. This gives you an idea of what we will pay you for your clothes before you send them to us. 

            • Using the drop-down boxes, select options to describe the size, brand, item type and condition. Definitions of these are found below. Please note for some sizes, brands and item types, we only accept items of a certain condition. The options available to you for subsequent fields will change accordingly depending on the options you have already selected. 
            • Where you have multiples of the same item in the same condition, you can enter this in the ‘number’ field to save you having to re-enter the details for each one. 
            • For items that normally come in pairs (e.g. socks, shoes, gloves), please enter the number of pairs.


              If you have items that don’t fit into the options in the drop-down boxes, please check that it is an item we will accept. If you have any questions about submitting a quote please email us at If you are confident it is an item we will accept but cannot find the right option, please use the following rules:

              • Size – If the size of your item is not listed, please choose the closest option. We do not currently accept clothing in sizes over 5 years/C13.5 shoes.
              • Brand – If the brand of your item is not listed, please select ‘brand not listed’. Please ensure it is a UK brand or one that UK customers are likely to be familiar with. 
              • Item Type – If the item type is not listed, please choose the closest option from the ones available.
              • Condition – Please ensure you accurately describe your item as per our condition guidelines below. Some brands and item types we only accept in certain condition, so if you don't see the condition of your item listed after entering the rest of the item details we do not currently accept it. If in doubt about the condition of an item, please select a lower condition to avoid being over-quoted. 

              THE COMMENTS BOX

              If you've selected 'brand not listed', please enter the name of the brand in this box. If your item is specifically related to a well-known theme, celebration, team or character, we’d love to know! It also helps us to get you your final offer quickly if you describe the item. Examples include:

              • Holidays & celebrations e.g. Christmas, Halloween.
              • Birthdays e.g. "I'm one today!"
              • Design theme e.g. dinosaur, floral, space, tractor, giraffe.
              • Sports teams e.g. Tottenham hotspur, All Blacks
              • Book or television character e.g. Frozen, Paw Patrol
              • Family members e.g. slogans like “I love my daddy”, “I’m a new big brother”.
              • Twin/matching sets. 


              The minimum number of items you can send us per quote is 15, the maximum per quote is 50 (although can be more if you have a multiple number of items in one row). You are welcome to complete multiple quotes as you require, please ensure you refresh the page between quotes to ensure the form is resets.


              If you have high-end luxury or designer children's clothes you are looking to sell, we will need proof of authenticity to resell them on your behalf. The online quote form may under-value them so please get in touch directly at to discuss. Sometimes we are able to pay you more for these sorts of items by selling them on commission/consignment instead of paying you for them upfront. 


              Our rule of thumb is that the newer and more high-end an item is, the higher percentage you will receive of the price we think we can sell it for. But don’t write off clothes that are less than perfect!

              Simply put, the price we offer you is not the price we sell the items at. We are providing a service that we hope will make your life easier, and we need to cover our overheads and wages with our commission. We aim to provide consistency and fairness in our pricing, while remaining competitive with other second-hand selling platforms. It goes without saying you may make more money selling the clothes yourself. 


              YOUR FINAL OFFER

              The final offer we issue to you is non-negotiable and for all the items we have accepted. We are not able to break the offer down by item, but we will detail why your final offer may not match your estimated quote e.g. 2 items not accepted, 1 item in better condition that stated. We do not give or accept any partial offers for the clothes you have sent in for a quote.

              If you do not want to accept your final offer

              You are not obliged to accept any final offer issued to you as it is a quote. If you don’t want to accept our offer we will either donate the items to charity or return your items to you at your own cost, as per your wishes. Return postage will be via Royal Mail and we will let you know what the cost will be before returning your items. Due to limits on our storage capacity if you have not accepted your offer within 28 days of us issuing it, and not let us know that you are wanting the clothes returned to you or have not picked-up the clothes in person, we will donate the clothes to charity.

              If you are unhappy with our service we are always keen to rectify any issues and will communicate with you via email or telephone. We do ask that you read our Terms of Selling thoroughly before engaging our services. 

              We remind you that you may make more from your clothes if you sell them yourself, however in the world of second-hand marketplaces there is no guarantee. Set your price too high and there’s no interest, set your price too low and there’s little reward for your effort. We aim to provide consistent and fair prices for both sellers and buyers, as well as a transparent and straightforward service. 



              It wastes both our time and your time when items are sent to us that do not meet our criteria for acceptance. This could either be due to brands, condition of the clothes or the state of the clothes (e.g unwashed, pet hair contamination). We keep track of the items you send us and we reserve the right to close your selling account and not accept any further clothes for quotes if you repeatedly send us parcels of clothing that are not in keeping with our terms and conditions, or where items are repeatedly described incorrectly. 

              We also reserve the right to rescind final offers if you do not make a decision to accept or decline the offer, or we do not hear back from you at all within 28 days of us issuing the offer, and have exhausted all means of contact. In this case items will be donated to charity.

              It is also at our discretion whether to continue to accept clothes for quotes from individuals or rescind offers made for any reason, and we are not bound to state the reason we choose to do so. 


              We provide an estimated quotation service so that you can make a quick decision about whether you want to use our selling service, and so that there are no surprises when you get your final offer from us. However, the estimated quote will only be as accurate as the information you enter - in line with our definitions and categories above.


              When we receive your clothes, they are quality-checked against our acceptance criteria. The price we are willing to pay for your clothes will be adjusted based on our decision of the condition of the clothes, and whether they meet our acceptance criteria. 

              Deductions will be made to your final quote for the following reasons:

              • Items that require further washing or ironing, anything more than a light steam and lint-rolling. This is because of the extra time it takes to process these items. 
              • Items that have labels written on e.g. children’s names - these items will be categorised as good used condition or playwear regardless of the condition of the rest of the item, and will be priced as such.

              If you receive your final offer and are unhappy with the reasons we have excluded an item, we are happy to discuss and resolve any issues via email or telephone. Details of how to contact us will be provided in the final offer email.


              If we do not accept clothing or footwear that you have sent in to us, you have 2 options:

              1. To have them donated to charity on your behalf.
              2. To have them returned to you (at your own cost).

              On the rare occasion whole parcels of clothes can be rejected as per the conditions outlined above. You can still decide between the two options. 

              If after you receive your final offer from us and do not want to proceed, if you then change your mind about having your clothes donated to charity we will not be responsible for your loss if we have already donated your clothes.

              If you are wanting to pick up the items not accepted in person, you will have 28 days to do so. Due to limits on our storage capacity if they have not been picked up by this time we will donate the clothes to charity.

              PAYMENT OPTIONS

              When you submit an estimated quote, you must tell us how you would like to be paid. Your options are:

              • Via Worn In Wardrobe gift card. You can choose this option and you will receive an e-gift card with the offer amount plus 10%, for you to use toward future purchases in our store.  
              • Via PayPal. We aim to make payments within 3 working days of you accepting your final quote.
              • Via direct bank transfer. You must provide us with your bank details which will be stored securely and deleted following the transfer.

              If you do not respond to our offer and provide your payment details within two calendar months of us contacting you with your final offer, we will take ownership of your items. They will either be sold or given to charity, at our sole discretion.

              Please see our Privacy Policy for information regarding how we handle your payment information.


              If your items get lost on their way to us, the Royal Mail will usually accept liability as long as you have retained your proof of postage. Make sure you receive this when you hand over your parcel at the post office and keep it safe. 

              If you are concerned your parcel has not reached us, for example if you have not received an email confirming our receipt of your parcel within a week of sending it, please email us at to let us know and we will investigate. 

              Once your items have arrived with us, we accept full responsibility for them. If your items are lost or damaged once they are in our possession, we will reimburse you for the cost of your lost or damaged items. If this happens, we will contact you in advance to agree a price.