About Us

“My mission is to make second-hand shopping and selling a slick, easy and reliable experience for all.”

What we do

We buy as well as sell second-hand clothing on our site.

Selling - We have a unique quotation tool that allows you to get an instant estimated price, so you can make a quick decision about whether you want to use our service. To find out more about how it works, see our sell page.

Processing - We hand check the quality and condition of all items before standardising their presentation, pricing and description.

Shopping – We sell the items that have passed our quality checks from our super user-friendly online shop.

I want to provide convenience, both for sellers and shoppers. I am continually looking to improve the ease of engagement with the second-hand clothing market as well as providing a useful service and enjoyable online experience.

Why we do it

Who we do it for

Our website is for busy people who are switched on to eco issues but need sustainable shopping habits to be made easier and less time-consuming. 

Looking for convenience and good value in your life? Tired of fast fashion and looking to reduce your environmental impact? You’ve come to the right place!

By taking over the lion's share of the work involved in reselling, our service is an attractive option to those having a clear-out and looking to make a little money back from their clothes. You could possibly make more money reselling them yourself, but equally there’s no guarantee.

If you’d rather donate your clothes to charity that’s great, but do you know what charities like better than clothes? Money! We leave it entirely up to you to decide what to do with your fee.

Who am I?

My name is Madeleine and the idea for Worn In Wardrobe came from an excessive period of nesting when I was 2 weeks overdue with my second child. I distracted myself by collecting second-hand baby clothes and dreaming up this business.

Fun facts about me include that I love karaoke, I did a 3 year stint as a pub quizmaster, and I’m a zumba fanatic - 100% believe in the power of dance to lift your mood!

What’s important to me?

Ease of use, sustainability, community, and reliability. By applying these core values I hope to provide you with convenience, an enjoyable online experience and peace of mind.

Why is Worn In Wardrobe different?

Why start with babywear and preschool sizes?

Looking to the future…

Where are we heading?

I’m dreaming big. I envisage a world where looking for an item second-hand first becomes the norm, and buying new is only thought of when nothing appropriate can be found second-hand.

I’d like to see the stigma removed around the gifting of second-hand items. I’d like to see better working conditions for garment workers worldwide. Once we’re turning a profit I plan to donate 10% of our profits to garment worker charities such as Fashion Makes Change and the Clean Clothes Campaign.

I’d like to create flexible living wage jobs for those with caring responsibilities and other unpaid commitments, jobs that actually fit into people’s lives and bring them joy. If the work can be adapted so that there is the option to work from home, I will pursue this.

We are starting with preschool clothing first, but we are aiming to expand our offering to maternity & womenswear, older children, teenagers and menswear as soon as we are able to!

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