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Why sell to us?

No need to create and manage listings. We take the hassle out of selling items on marketplaces yourself.

No more uncertainty around finding a buyer. By selling to us you don’t have to wait around and deal with all the back-and-forth that often accompanies selling on second-hand sites before you actually get paid.   

Consistent price received for your items. We fully accept you could make more by selling your items yourself elsewhere, but there is no guarantee. Set your price too high and there’s no interest, set your price too low and there’s little reward for your effort. It may simply be the wrong season, or everybody’s busy that week. Remove the chance, get a quote, sell to us!

Reducing your environmental impact. By giving pre-owned items a new home, you are not only extending their lifespan but also reducing the consumption of new items. By reducing the demand for new items, in the longer term less will be made which will reduce the demand for natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. 

Supporting garment workers. We will donate 10% of any profits we make to charities supporting the working conditions of garment workers worldwide. Find out more here