Have you heard of the hidden load?

I'm not talking about the a bonus load of laundry you get to do due to all the clothes that mysteriously didn't end up in the washing basket, I'm talking about all the invisible, infinite tasks we're doing to keep our households functioning, happy and healthy. It's all the stuff going on in our brain every second of every day - anticipating, planning, scheduling, managing, remembering, worrying. It's unquantifiable how much time and effort this all takes. It's a mental load, but it's not paid - it's a labour of love. So flowers and chocolates are all very well on Mother's Day but really, I just want the mother lode of work I'm juggling (or should that be Mother's Load?) to be recognised for a minute or two.

Why am I talking to you about this? Well, not many businesses exist to specifically help parents with their mental load. Managing your kids' wardrobes takes mental effort, tracking what they're growing out of, what needs washing or mending, anticipating what is coming up in the future like events, clubs, holidays, season changes or school that they will need other clothes for. Then you'll need to spend time sourcing and spending you hard earned money on those clothes. Invariably we compare prices from a few places, worrying about our bank balances but also worrying about the quality of the clothes and the state of the planet.

Don't even get me started on the mental effort and organisational capacity required to resell clothes. It's A LOT! I set up Worn In Wardrobe specifically to help take this small part of your daily mental load off your hands. Kitting out your kids' wardrobe with affordable quality preloved clothes and selling them on when they're outgrown should not be so difficult. It's good for the planet and it's good for your pocket, and we should feel good about choosing preloved rather than feeling overwhelmed by the task.

You should be able to spend that sliver of free time you manage to carve out for yourself on YOURSELF (or doing something carefree and fun with your kids, you know, if you want to) not endlessly listing clothes to your chosen/preferred resale app and all the faff that entails, or trawling fashion sites for items that fall in sweet spot between good price and good quality. Seriously, there is another way. Come take a look with me!