Why I can't go back to shopping new (the emotional reasons)

I've been shopping second-hand almost exclusively for me and my children for a while now, and I've started to realise I would actually really struggle to go back to shopping new every time. I know I often go on about the logical and environmental reasons for choosing second-hand first, but sometimes it's just more simple and emotional than that. Here's what's happened: 

PRICE SHOCK - when I occasionally walk into the shops these days, I genuinely cannot believe the prices I'm seeing (even in the supermarket clothes sections!). I've become accustomed to second-hand pricing, to evaluating worth myself and enjoying the occasional haggle (both as a buyer and seller!). Could you imagine going up to the till and casually bartering with the sales assistant about the ticket price? 
NEW ANXIETY - now that I'm so used to putting my kids in second-hand clothes, when any of us are wearing something brand new the fear of it getting stained or snagged is SO real! Much better for my stress levels to stick with perfectly imperfect clothes to start with.
BRAGGING RIGHTS - there's something delicious about being complimented on your 'new' outfit, to then be able to humble brag about how you sourced it second-hand and only spent a fiver. How humdrum to say you just bought it in a shop right?
These three shifts in my mindset have crept up on me, and really had a huge impact on my shopping habits. Being honest with you they've probably had more of an impact than knowing exactly how many litres of water I'm saving by buying a second-hand pair of jeans, or knowing that if I don't spend my money in shops that don't pay their factory workers properly they'll be forced to change their ways. These are the sorts of facts that should motivate us to change our behaviour, but in reality I guess it takes smaller, more personal reasons. We're emotional creatures at the end of the day!