5 Ways Your Family Can Live A More Sustainable Life

It may seem like trying to change your family’s habits is going to be an impossible task. But with these easy tips, you can get the whole family involved and be kinder to our planet.

This week is Walk To School Week which is an effort to push parents to ditch the car, put on those comfy shoes and walk with their little ones to school. This is a great start to living a more sustainable lifestyle which comes with many health benefits to the whole family. 

It’s not the only way you can make a difference to our earth though! If you think making eco conscious choices is too difficult, then this blog is for you. Let's explore 5 simple ways your family can live a more sustainable life.

Travel Mug Or Reusable Water Bottle

Invest in reusable drinks containers instead of buying throwaway plastic bottles. When you grab yourself a coffee on the go, ask for your coffee to be made in your travel mug. Some coffee shops such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee have rewards schemes to offer discounts or points for doing so! It also keeps your coffee warm - what's not to love?

Buy reusable water bottles for all the family is a great way to cut down on single-use plastic. It’s also a great one to get your little ones involved in - let them pick their bottle, personalise it and give them the responsibility of looking after it and filling it up.

Reduce your carbon footprint

As mentioned at the start, it’s Walk To School Week, so we’re keen to get those little legs moving before they get to school. There are many benefits to walking to school if you can. Ditching the car and avoiding morning traffic will help reduce the CO2 emissions, introduce your children to protecting our planet and can also save money on the ever-rising fuel costs.

It is also a great form of exercise for you and your children by reducing the risk of obesity and heart disease, improving mood, developing good habits for an active lifestyle and is great for mental health. Walking releases feel-good hormones which help to boost our mood and your little ones can start the day with a fresh calm mind leading them to arrive at school feeling refreshed, happy and ready to start their day.

Shop responsibly

As a family, it's important to pay attention to the clothes you buy and shop from sustainable sources. In the UK alone 11million items of clothing end up in landfills every week. Choose clothing which is made from sustainable materials, don’t over buy, recycle and shop preloved!

Conserve water

Simple changes to your every day habits can help conserve water. Talk to your children and see if they can think of any ways they can save water. You can teach them to turn the tap off while brushing their teeth and taking shorter showers. Installing a water butt in your garden can be super fun for your little ones. You can give them a watering can and they can be in charge of filling the can and watering the plants.

Recycle as a family

Turn recycling into a family habit or a game. You can set up recycling stations or give each child the responsibility for a certain material that they can be in charge of recycling. Create little games to play as a family. “Pull the Recycling symbol of the hat” could be a little game to keep everyone engaged. They can be in charge of the recycling symbol/material for the week.

Make these simple changes where you can and your planet will thank you for it.