Preloved Kids Wear: Expectation vs Reality

What comes into your mind when you hear the words “Pre-loved clothing”? 

This blog is for you if you've ever thought of preloved clothing as 'someone else’s worn clothes that haven’t got much life in them'. We're here to change your mind and invite you to join us in our efforts to make shopping preloved the norm.

The truth is, most of us spend a small fortune on new clothes as parents. Children grow, and rapidly… shockingly quick in fact. Most of us are guilty of shopping constantly for baby clothes. Nipping into every shop just to have a look and coming out with what you can only describe to your partner as 'the essentials'. 

Soon to be followed by secretly folding these clothes into bags with their tags still on or only worn once and stashing them in your attic to escape the reality of how much money you’ve spent on things that have never been worn! Maternity pay just doesn’t cut the mustard when your kid needs kitting out with a full wardrobe every two months. So you have a moment where you think it’s time to get smart! This might be when your preloved journey begins.. and what a beautiful journey it is.

We're here to bust some myths and share the joyous reality of shopping preloved.

The Quality


You might have the expectation of the clothes being bobbly, over-worn, grubby knees from their little ones crawling, exploring and having that over-lived look. A study from Sewrendipity found that 42.31% of people said “I don’t like the idea of wearing clothes that other people have worn before”.


There's often so much life left in the clothes in your little one's wardrobe. Baby clothes especially are worn a handful of times before they no longer fit. And here at Worn In Wardrobe we have a strict quality checking process. All the clothes are individually quality checked and listed with full descriptions. So you know exactly what you'll be getting your hands on when you shop with us.

The Choice


The word preloved might give you nightmares of overwhelming rails in charity shops filled with mismatched items in no particular order. After wading through what feels like hundreds of elasticated floral skirts and itchy cardigans, you finally find one piece of children's wear that's just about wearable.


At Worn In Wardrobe you can shop from over 3000 items lovingly organised by condition, gender style, size and type of product. So your shopping experience is just as fun as shopping new!

The Trends


If you're a mum who likes to keep up with the latest fashion you might think shopping second hand means you have to skip out on current trends for your kids.


Kids grow fast! And the reality of this is that children's clothes have a very short life span. But this is good news for the fashion conscious parent, because you won't have to wait long until current trends are on the shelves of your favourite preloved shops.

One Tiny Human, One Big Impact


You might think that switching to preloved won't have big impact on the environment. They are just one tiny human with a bunch of tiny clothes after all..


Kid’s clothes are a huge contribution to the £140 million worth of clothing that goes to landfill each year. Even by just doubling average garment wear we can reduce green house gases by 44%. At Worn in Wardrobe we are passionate about reducing, reusing, recycling and learning to lead a more environmentally-conscious life.

Shopping Preloved Is The Future

Pre-loved really does mean LOVED! Items you bought with a smile on your face, clothes you beamed with joy seeing your little ones in and clothes you felt a slight tear in your eyes when they didn’t fit anymore. Passing them on to another family means they get another chance to be loved.

Remember, the most sustainable clothes are the ones worn over again!

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Not just Preloved… ALWAYS LOVED.