From Fast Fashion To Circular Fashion & How To Make The Switch

It seems that gone are the days of fast fashion. We're in a new era where consumers want to know more about their clothing and where it comes from. It's time to start thinking more circular and less linear. But what is circular fashion?

Circular Fashion Explained

We have become a society of buy, wear and bye! Firstly we buy an item, we wear it a handful of times, but before you know it, we say bye to it as it goes into the bin or to your local recycling station. 

A circular economy, which is what circular fashion is based on, considers the value of the resources that go into each product and puts steps in place along the way to minimise waste, pollution, use of materials and regenerate natural resources used in the process.  

Focusing on fashion, circular fashion considers the entire lifecycle of a piece of clothing. Steps are taken to ensure that the items are made using quality materials with responsible production and longevity to make them stand the test of time.

We want to push towards a world where circular fashion is at the forefront of everyone's mind. 

What Does Circular Fashion Look Like?

  • Items made from single raw materials or multiple raw materials, however, would be put together so they could be easily removed from one another and recycled separately.
  • Clothes are designed and made in a way that makes repairs, reusing and recycling easier and limits pollution.
  • Items are kept in use as long as possible through recycling, rent, resuing, repair, redesign and resell schemes.
  • Items that when their end of life has come, some materials for reuse or ones which can be disposed of with no harm to the environment.

How To Dress Your Household With A Circular Style

Don’t worry! We aren't about to suggest recycling everything in your wardrobe and starting from scratch. Firstly, the clothes that you already own are the best way to dress for our planet. However, here are a few pointers to keep you on that circular track:

Keep In Use Longer.

Children grow out of clothes fast and enjoy exploring, leading to the wear of clothes. If you notice that some leggings are starting to get scuffed on the knees, turn them into a pair of cycling shorts before it’s too late. It's about recycling, reusing, repairing and redesigning.

Shop With Circularity In Mind.

If an item is past repair or repurposed and you need to replace it, then look at replacing it with something secondhand. You may likely be able to find the same item previously loved by someone else.

Think Sustainability.

Keep in mind the companies that are cleaning up their act and focusing on natural, organic or regenerative fabrics. You can check how sustainable your favourite brand is through Good On You. An ethical brand rating app.

Recycle Easily.

Many well-known brands are now offering rewards programmes to accept your used clothes for recycling in return for in-store discounts.

Lets Go Full Circle

Say hello to sustainable fashion and say goodbye to fast fashion. Between the significant water use, chemical use, pollution and depletion of natural resources, fast fashion has degraded our environment, leaving our only chance of reducing the impact is to make a change now.

We’ve spoken previously about how you can make your clothes last longer. From eco-friendly washing tips & repurposing hacks, we can incorporate elements of a circular economy involving sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling into our wardrobes.

Let’s use circular fashion for a more sustainable style.