Baby Wear Cheat Sheet - A Who's Who of Baby Clothing

In a debate rivalling teacake vs bap, ginnel vs alley and dinner vs tea.. we're here to set the record straight on baby clothes!

I’m sure you’ve had times when you've been speaking to someone and they refer to an item of kids' clothing as something else? Like “I’ve forgotten my kid's pants!” And you're left wondering whether they mean underwear or the long bits of fabric that cover legs..

Or in the middle of the night when wrestling a baby you send your partner for a bodysuit and they come back with a sleepsuit.. We all seem to have different names for different things and as busy parents we don’t have time to be working out what we think they mean.

Rompers, babygrows, bodysuits, vests, onesies, pramsuits, playsuits… the list goes on! But don't fear, we want to just clear it up a little bit so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Baby Clothes Explained


These are the ones with no legs that fasten straight over the nappy, or for the older ones, it may just be a vest that they wear as a first layer. They can come in a range of different sleeve lengths - long, short, strappy or capped.

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They don’t just need to sleep in them if they are called a sleepsuit! When your little ones were teeny tiny I'm sure many would agree all their little ones wore were babygrows. These are all in one outfits usually fastened with poppers or zips. Huge shout-out for zips by the way - what an invention they are! They come with feet usually but as your baby gets older they might be footless, although some may call them a footless sleepsuit or a romper.

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Rompers can be a confusing item. Are they a dungaree? Isn't this a jumpsuit? No, that's a playsuit! Well actually, a romper is a one-piece outfit that has open hands and feet which usually consists of a top attached to a pair of shorts and worn as a one-piece. This is also the same concept as a playsuit, but they're shorter. Confusing but cute.

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I think most of us will be confident in our knowledge of what a dungaree is! I'm sure we all at some stage have been through a dungaree phase because they never completely go away! A dungaree is a pair of trousers (or shorts!), attached to an extra panel of material covering the chest with two straps which go over the shoulders from the back and fasten onto the front. Team them with a t-shirt underneath and you're done.

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A wintertime essential - a one-piece cold-weather outfit. They will often have feet and some may have detachable gloves or fold-over cuffs to keep those hands warm and toasty! Snowsuits tend to be more of a water-resistant fabric compared to your pramsuits which can me for fluffy and snuggly to keep your baby's toasty warm.

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So don't worry, you weren't on your own with your kids' clothes confusion. I hope our little cheat sheet has cleared things up for you but if you think we've got it wrong, we're always up for a debate over on our socials! Come and let us know what you call your baby wear!