7 Reasons Why Buying Second Hand Clothes Is Awesome

7 Reasons Why Buying Second Hand Clothes Is Awesome

Have you ever considered buying second-hand clothes? More people than ever are turning to buy preloved, and maybe it's time you did too.

Here are 7 reasons why buying used clothes is awesome!

Clothes Are Like New

Many people have the idea that buying second-hand clothing means buying someone's old overly worn clothes. But oh how wrong they are. Take children's clothing for example. These little humans grow up at an alarming speed; it's hard to keep up with what fits and what’s suddenly too small. There will be outfits you bought for summer, that when summer came, suddenly didn’t fit. Or you get organised in advance and put them “somewhere safe” but then only find them in the deep dark winter - it happens to us all.

But this is a great example of why second-hand clothes are like new. You can’t put them away until next year, you can't return them so off they go to find their new homes.  

It Saves You Money

Buying second-hand really does save you money, and as we feel the pinch of the ever-rising living costs there’s no time like the present. Buying second-hand clothes cost way less than new clothes and it's not because the clothes are poor quality, it's actually quite the opposite.

The reality of fashion these days is that people wear an item a few times and they’re ready to move on to something new, which means a lot of items are as good as new. So shopping for second-hand clothes presents the opportunity to find high-quality items without the premium price tags attached - and lots of ours do still have the tags on!

It’s Kinder To Our Environment

The continual drive of “fast fashion” adds to the waste problem in the UK with a staggering 10,000 items of clothing being sent to landfills every 5 minutes. That's £140million in value every year! Choosing to buy second-hand fashion not only reduces the number of clothes that end up in landfills, but it also means you are doing your part to reduce the pressure for new fabrics and clothes created by the fashion industry. 
Because of this, you’re having such a positive impact on the environment and doing our planet a huge favour by buying and wearing second-hand clothing. If you’re looking for other easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle check out our last blog post.

You Can Find Cool Vintage Pieces

Ever heard the saying… “One man's trash is another man's treasure”? Well, this couldn't be more true when it comes to buying second hand. You have the opportunity to find those cool, retro, unique items that were around decades ago, which you just can't buy anywhere else.   

So when someone says “I love your jacket! Where’s it from?” You’re unlikely to see them strolling the high street wearing it next week - bonus!

 It’s Easier Than Ever

Over the years, shopping for second-hand clothes hugely increased in popularity. As a result, buying second-hand clothes has never been easier! There is now no need to take that trip to the nearest store, root through the rails and rely on what’s in store that day. 

You can do it on your lunch break, you can do it in the bath, you can do it from the beach! The possibilities are endless thanks to apps and websites providing a simple way to browse thousands of items all at your fingertips. 

It’s not only super easy to buy clothes, but it’s super easy to sell as well. Here at Worn In Wardrobe, you can use our Quote Service to tell us what items you’re looking to sell and we’ll get a quote back to you. 

Buying Second-Hand Makes You Feel Good

So you’re feeling a bit “meh” when you look at your wardrobe. You want to feel good and love what you’re wearing. One of the best things about shopping second-hand is the ability to create your own style. No more tops each the same but in a different colour! It's time to ditch the coat that's now become your work coat. It’s time to find the real you!

When you’re browsing second-hand fashion, you are much more likely to find different styles spanning years of different trends that you didn’t know, or forgot they even existed. This allows you to be creative with your fashion choices and go for what stands out to you at your current stage of life.

If you’re a fan of reworking and upcycling, and a dab hand with a needle and thread, then second-hand clothes are going to offer you so many choices of items to bring your fashion creations to life.

Extend A Garments Life Cycle

So we’ve all bought an outfit we love, worn it once or twice and then never again. It lives a life in the wardrobe because you can't throw it away. Why would you when it's in perfect condition?

But that doesn't need to be where its life ends. Selling and buying second-hand clothing gives these items a new lease of life and someone to come along and fall in love with them just like you did.  

So whether you’re buying second-hand clothes to find something unique, save money or be environmentally friendly, it’s one less item that would end up in a landfill.

So, What Are We Saying?

Whether you do your shopping on online preloved stores or visiting local charity shops, properly sourcing your clothes rather than replacing them with all new every season, can save you money and reduce the impact on the environment. Many people may think that reusing is simply another way of saying recycling, but when it comes to clothes, reusing allows you to customise your wardrobe to fit and match your personality and lifestyle.