Second-Hand September - 5 Top Tips To Help You Make The Switch

While sustainability is more prominent than ever before, buying second-hand clothing doesn't get as much coverage as fast fashion.

As September is here, it means the Second-Hand September 30-day challenge has started. However, instead of throwing you in at the deep end, we are here to give you our 5 top tips to help you.

What is Second Hand September?

Second Hand September is a 30-day campaign encouraging people across the UK to stop buying new clothes for the whole month. Although for some people, this may seem easy! However, for many of us, it's not as easy as you think.
When it comes to little ones, their curious and adventurous little souls don't worry about how their clothes end up looking. From scuffs, rips and stains, it's easy to think about jumping online or bobbing to your local store and buying new ones to replace them. On the other hand, you have an event coming up. You may be guilty of buying outfits for an event, wearing it once and throwing it to the back of the closet. Soon to find yourself looking for yet again, another outfit for your event or night out. We're all guilty of it and it becomes a habit.
The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, far outweighing the carbon footprint of international fights. The wasteful habits that fast fashion has brought along with its fast rise over the past years leave 11 million items of clothing ending up in landfill every week.
Second Hand September encourages us to start changing our shopping habits, think about the planet and start thinking with a more sustainable mindset. The ultimate aim is to not just transform your buying habits for the month, but you transform your mindset and develop sustainable habits for the future.
If you're just starting on your Second-Hand journey, then here are our top tips to help you get into your sustainable mindset.

Declutter Your Closet

Let's start at the very beginning. Many of us tend to hoard from time to time, and the chances are that if you start with decluttering, you'll find some hidden gems in the wardrobe that you forgot about. Alongside these hidden gems, you have many more hangers and that is where you need to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, "Have you worn this in the last 6 months? Will I ever wear this in the next 3 months?" If your answer to these questions is no, TAKE IT OUT! We have an awful habit of feeling the need to keep hold of things but you need to break this habit.
Once you have sorted your clothes into what you will keep and wear, and what you're saying goodbye two it's down to deciding how to get rid of them. There are a few options. You can take them to a suitable recycling centre, donate them to your local charity shop or even sell your clothes online.

Shop Second Hand

Shopping second-hand couldn't be easier these days. You no longer have to go to your local second-hand store or charity shop and sift through the rails to see what's in. You can now browse from your own home online. Worn In Wardrobe can offer you everything that you need for your little ones including pictures, descriptions, quality checks and grades on how used they are items that can then be delivered to your door. You can also use apps such as Deopop, Vinted & eBay for adult clothes and ensure you're spreading your sustainable habits across your home. So you can't say it's too much effort to shop second-hand!

Upcycle Other Pieces

Time to get creative! Before you say goodbye to your items, think about how you can inject some new life into them. Think about a denim jacket for example. Add some badges or sew on some patches and you've given it a new life. Take some old jeans, you love the fit, but they just don't get the use anymore. How about giving them a little cut and turning them into your new favourite denim shorts? There are lots of simple things you can do that don't require you to have a degree in fashion design. Check Pinterest for inspo and jump headfirst into Youtube. These are both havens for How To's and DIY videos.

Swap Clothes With Friends

Friday night, lots of nibbles, drinks flowing and gathered with friends. Is there anything that can make this better? How about each of you bring some of your preloved clothes with you that you just don't wear anymore. You can host your swap party with friends, swapping your clothes and bagging yourself some new pieces. Like they say, "One man's trash, is another man's treasure".

Share Your Journey On Social Media

A simple way to keep up the momentum and spread the word about shopping second-hand is to share your journey, tips and wins on social media. Using the hashtag #SecondHandSeptember across social media can allow you to engage with others and others to share their tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hopefully, we have given you some top tips on how to smash Second Hand September and change your habits to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Make sure you tag us on social media and show us what you've been up to.