♻👕The most sustainable product is one that already exists🌿🌍

What are we all about? Planet-friendly, parent-friendly children's clothing. We're here to make second-hand shopping and reselling easy, reliable and enjoyable.

Let's talk about the steps many brands are now taking to be more sustainable. If you suspend sometimes well-founded concerns about green-washing, many companies are doing great work bringing out sustainable lines, sourcing their cotton responsibly and setting up recycling programs. There is also growing number of small independent companies making ethical and sustainable clothing. This is fantastic, and we hope this momentum continues to snowball.

But alongside this, the simple fact is we just need to buy fewer new things. We need to make the things we already have last longer. It would be helpful if the things we do buy new were made to last. We'd love people to make a habit of looking for things they want or need second-hand first and only shop new if they can't find something appropriate. But big clothing companies struggle to promote this idea as they want repeat sales, they need people to keep buy new. 

This is why I believe it is time for the second-hand revolution and for businesses like Worn In Wardrobe, built specifically for making sustainable living choices easy and affordable for busy mums and dads.